Eastern Screens and Drives History

Eastern Screens and Drives Inc. was started in Paintsville, Ky in August of 1987. The company was the result of a partnership between two couples that had been friends for years, Gary and Becky Brothers and Jim and Ann Williamson. The first Eastern Screens office began in the Brothers house on Preston Street. The dining room functioned as the office and the garage as the warehouse. Becky began helping customers and held down the fort until Gary joined full-time in March of 1988 after wrapping up his job. Ed Clay joined the team a few months later as office manager and inside salesperson. Jim joined the small team on a full-time basis in October 1991.

Background Info

Eastern Screens supports coal preparation plants and aggregate producers in eastern and central Kentucky and southern West Virginia. The company specializes in the sale of screen media, vibrator parts, power transmission, and conveyor components. ESD's slogan has always been "Extraordinary Service Delivered!" This dedication to excellent service, often even in the wee hours of the night, along with the extensive knowledge and experience of the staff combined to create a vastly successful company. ESD had annual sales of $300,000 the first year and grew sales to almost $10 million in 2008 and beyond.

Employee Info

In 1996, Dan Daniels joined the team filling a key sales role in Kentucky. Stewart Mounts joined to support the West Virginia market in 1997. Susie Music joined as Comptroller in 1998. In 2009, Jim Williamson retired to spend time with family after 18 years of hard work. Great success was enjoyed and many lifelong friendships were formed with customers, suppliers and employees. Hard work, dedication, and sacrifice has propelled ESD into a new season.

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